How to Make a Skirt From a Bed Sheet

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    • 1). Lay the sheet on the floor right side facing up. Fold the sheet in half vertically and then horizontally.

    • 2). Hold a measuring tape against your waist, where your skirt will rest. Measure down your leg until you reach the desired skirt length.

    • 3). Measure the length of the skirt along both folded edges and at a 45 degree angle from the folded corner. Mark the fabric at these points; there will be 3 points marking the base of the skirt. Add a 1 inch allowance for hemming.

    • 4). Draw a line to connect the 3 marks. Use a ruler to make straight lines between each point to achieve a skirt with a twelve-sided hem, i.e. when the skirt is spread out and viewed from above, it will be in the shape of a dodecagon. Connect each point with a curved line to make a circle skirt; when worn, the hem of a circle skirt will be slightly higher on the sides where it hangs from the hips. Ignore the center point and draw a straight line between the first and third mark for an asymmetrical, handkerchief hem.

    • 5). Measure the circumference of your waist where the skirt will rest. Input the measurement into the following formula: circumference equals 2 times Pi times the radius. Solve for the radius, e.g. If 40=2pi*r, divide both sides of the equation by 2 to get 20=pi*r, then divide by pi to get 6.37=r.

    • 6). Mark the waistline using the radius. Measure from the folded corner down one side. Repeat to make six to ten additional marks at different angles from the folded corner; these points will form a curved line marking 1/4 of your total waistline.

    • 7). Connect these points with a curve to make a quarter circle. Cut along the line.

    • 8). Wrap a piece of bias tape around your waist where you will wear your skirt. Mark the place where the tape overlaps with your finger, add 3 inches and cut the piece of tape. Use wide bias tape that is already folded; the binding will have turned in side edges and a long fold down the middle.

    • 9). Hem one of the cut ends of bias tape. Fold the fabric over 1/4 inch twice and sew.

    • 10

      Lift the fabric; it will be shaped like a donut. Place the hemmed end of the bias tape on the waistline so that the side edges sandwich the skirt material between.

    • 11

      Sew 1/8 from the edge of the bias tape, all the way around the waistline. Stop sewing 1 inch before the tape overlaps.

    • 12

      Trim the tape so that it overlaps 1/2 inch. Hem the end. Sew the bias tape to the waist, completing the waistband.

    • 13

      Thread a ribbon through the waistband. Clip a safety pin to the end of the ribbon. Feed the pin through the waistband, pulling the ribbon behind. Pull the ribbon all the way through the waistband. Tie at the front to secure.

    • 14

      Hem the bottom of the skirt, bind it with bias tape or leave it jagged.

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