6 Things You Need To Know About Marketing

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No company can survive in the long run without an effective marketing plan.
Marketing is the lifeblood of any company.
Whether you are involved in mobile marketing, internet marketing or own a brick and mortar business, you need a powerful marketing plan.
If you will keenly observe all the successful companies or people, you will notice that they have a powerful marketing in place.
One the other, hand mediocre companies either have no idea about marketing strategies or don't give it the weight it deserves.
Here are some tips free of clutter...
1: Narrow your market focus.
It is futile to try and sell to the whole world.
You can't have a service that pleases everyone.
The solution is to focus on your ideal prospect and provide the best you can.
Think of your prospect's daily routine and think of how you can attract their attention while they are doing their normal duties.
2: Differentiate your business.
There is something you do best that your target market wants.
Maybe it's the packaging of your products or it is the niche you serve.
Use this to position and market your business.
3: Focus on educating your prospects.
Your marketing material, including your website, needs to focus on education.
The prospects should be left better informed than he came in.
The education you give must be in line with your ideal prospects.
It must be current, easy to understand and written in an entertaining way.
This will endear you in the eyes of your prospects and increase your expert status.
4: Avoid cold calling at all cost.
Your marketing needs to be geared towards lead generation.
In other words, avoid looking for customers upfront.
Lead generation is best done using education based messages.
The people who identify themselves as in need of your material are the ones you pitch to.
5: Earn media attention.
Build relationship with journalists who cover your industry or community.
Plan on how to getting in front of the cameras or newspaper.
It is the best thing that can happen to any business.
6: Plan on an effective referral system.
Have a referral marketing engine that runs continuously.
Turn every client into a source of another client.
Referred clients are more loyal and buy more than clients who are acquired through other methods.
Furthermore, referred clients cost less to acquire.
This makes a referral system an important strategy in your marketing plan
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