GM Salmon Is No Turducken!

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Everyone has heard of the "Turducken".
If you haven't, I have to ask, where have you been? The Turducken has become a new trend in Thanksgiving cooking.
It is literally a whole, de-boned chicken stuffed into a whole, de-boned duck, which is then stuffed into a whole, de-boned turkey.
Any gaps in between are, of course, stuffed with dressing.
It has become a favorite amongst Americans.
This new food trend, although completely crazy to me, is at least kind of natural.
I mean, it's just the combination of 3 kinds of poultry.
Many large holiday spreads will have each of these poultries on the dining table, and guests can choose any or all of them to place on their Thanksgiving Dinner plate.
How you eat your food is your business (Are you okay with three kinds of poultry being in your mouth at the same time or are you the type of eater who likes their foods to be chewed separately?) Regardless of your particular eating habits, the point is, you're still eating chicken, duck, turkey, or a combination of them.
Now, let's look at this new genetically modified salmon our government is thinking of approving.
This new "salmon" will end up being a few different species combined into one.
Scientists take the good qualities from this one and the good qualities from that one and create a super salmon; a salmon that grows faster and bigger than a natural, wild salmon.
The genes of the species are genetically altered, creating an entirely new, man-made species of fish, yet we still call it a salmon? It's cute to come up with a new name for a food combination-a new way of preparing food.
But when scientists come up with a new, man-made species, they're still going to call it a salmon?! Of course they are; no need to alarm the masses.
No need to try to explain to the ignorant population that what they are eating is not really salmon, that it's not really fish, that it's not really food.
It is a scientific experiment.
It is a money-making avenue.
It is an example of the slippery slope our food industry is heading down if we don't put the brakes on.
When did it become okay for humans to take on God's work? When did we start creating new species and having the audacity to call them by their natural name? Somewhere, somehow, the line between coming-up with new recipes made with existing, natural foods and creating new, unnatural species to be consumed as food, became blurred.
And as far as I'm concerned, the blurring of the line was intentionally done by our government and our food industry.
So this Thanksgiving, as you eat your Turducken, go ahead and giggle at its name.
But keep in mind, maybe sooner rather than later, you may be eating "salmon" that is even more unnatural than a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey.
You may be eating a man-made creature.
Hungry anyone?
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