Packing Your Gear For A Race - Don"t Forget Your Boots

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Something that almost every rider has done or will do is forget a helmet, a pair of goggles, their boots, or some other gear that they need for racing.
It's very frustrating to get to the track and find out that you forgot to throw your helmet in the truck or trailer.
From then on it's just frustrating, especially if you live far away from the track.
Scrambling around the pits to find some one that you can borrow or buy a helmet, pair of boots, or whatever is often the scenario.
You can usually find a rider with an extra set of gear, but the feeling of forgetting something is, well disgusting.
Just think if you weren't able to find something with that article of protection, you wouldn't be able to race and just wasted a trip to the track, just because you didn't remember an item that's probably sitting next to the door at your house.
Well, there are two ways to help prevent this from happening again.
If you don't have anything your gear in, the easiest way to not forget anything is to clean your gear all at once right after a race, then put it all together so you know everything is there.
Then when it's time to race again you can just throw that pile of gear in the truck and go, assuming you don't forget your bike! If you really want to make sure nothing is forgotten, the best and easiest way to go is buying a Gear Bag for everything.
Almost every motocross apparel company makes one, and they come in many shapes and sizes, so it won't be difficult to find one that fits your needs.
Then there won't be any excuse if your forget something, because you can wash your gear after a race, throw in the gear bag, and forget about it until next weekend.
I know I have a bad memory, so while packing for a race I often forget things.
One category I don't stress out on anymore is my gear because I have a bag that I stuff it in.
Do yourself a favor that will get solve future headaches and Buy A Gear Bag for your Motocross Gear.
- Tom Stark P.
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