How to Disarm a Viper Car Alarm

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    • 1). Press the first button on your Viper car alarm control (usually labeled with a one) to disarm the alarm temporarily. Keep in mind that the car will arm itself again within a few seconds using this method.

    • 2). Stop the alarm from going off using the "remote valet" method as an alternative. Open the car door first. Press the number one button, then the second (usually labeled with a two or two lines), and finally the first button again. This will usually stop the alarm system from arming and going off when you open or close the door. It is ideal when you bring your car to a mechanic.

    • 3). Disarm the alarm using your door key as another alternative. Insert the key into the driver's or passenger's side door and unlock the car. This action will disable the Viper alarm in some car models.

    • 4). Try another alternative to disarming the Viper alarm using the ignition and your key. Place the key in the car's ignition and turn it to the "on" position. Press the valet button--a tiny button usually located under the dashboard or close to the pedals--down quickly and hold it until the flashing LED light goes off.

    • 5). Disconnect the battery in your car as another alternative to disarming the Viper alarm temporarily.

    • 6). Ask a mechanic or alarm technician to safely cut the alarm wiring or uninstall the whole alarm unit as a last resort. This will disable the Viper alarm permanently.

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