Can Registry Cleaner Software Fix Computer Errors?

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If you own a PC, you undoubtedly had a chance to experience some computer errors.
These errors, called "runtime errors" in IT speak; can be anything from crashing, freezing or an application that refuses to open.
What you might not be aware of though, is that most of these errors are rooted in one part of your computer called the "registry".
The registry is a huge database of information on how to open and run every application on your PC.
Each program on your PC has several registry files associated with it.
You can imagine that even with a few dozen programs on your PC, the registry is large.
Since the registry is very important, Windows cannot remove anything from it, and in fact, sometimes files are duplicated within the registry.
Even if the programs are uninstalled from the PC, your computer will still contain traces of the programs in the registry.
These extra files often lead to the errors described above, and make your computer slower.
There are several ways to attack this problem.
One way is to clean the registry manually.
This is not recommended since cleaning the registry is tricky and can harm the computer if not done right.
Since the registry is very big, it is hard to keep track of files within it.
If you are not an IT expert, you should avoid this option- it may cause more harm then good.
Another way of dealing with the problem is with the help of a type of software called "registry cleaner".
Cleaners are designed to do the dirty work for you by scanning and removing problematic files.
Some cleaners are also designed to help you organize your registry (this is called "defragmenting or optimizing) so your computer is efficient.
It is recommended that you use freeware for diagnostic purposes only and leave the cleaning to a trusted, well-known cleaner.
Other traits of a good cleaner include ease of use and an auto-backup capability prior to each cleaning cycle.
You can find additional information about top registry cleaners available in the market today in the Registry Cleaner Review website.
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