What Can You Use to Get Wax Buildup off Your Wood Floors?

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    Mineral Spirits

    • Mineral spirits are capable of removing even very tough wax buildup from wood floors. To do this, soak a steel wool pad in mineral spirits and fit it to the bottom of a floor buffer. Buff the floors until you've loosened all of the wax buildup. Scrape the wax off the wood floors and throw it away. If your floor is uneven, hand buff the floors with a steel wool pad soaked in mineral spirits. Do this several times to completely clean the floor.

    White Vinegar

    • White vinegar will remove wax buildup caused by using wax-based cleaning products. These products buildup when you use the product more than a few times per year. White vinegar is a mild acid that will help cut through and remove the grease. To use it, mix 1 gallon water with 1 cup white vinegar. Damp mop the floor with the solution and dry it completely. This will not work to remove layers of floor wax.

    Commercial Products

    • A variety of commercial products exist that remove old wax buildup on wood floors. Always check the label to determine if it is right for your particular wood floor. Don't use any products that aren't specifically designed for your type of floor as some commercial products can leave harmful residue on the wood floor. Don't use any wax strippers designed for wood furniture, as these will damage wood floors.

    Preventing Wax Buildup

    • Prevent wax from building up on the floor by waxing you floors only once per year. If your wax fades, buff it with clean polishing cloths rather than applying more wax. Apply wax to protected areas under furniture or rugs only once every other year to prevent wax from building up in areas where it doesn't have a chance to wear off.

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