Tarkett FiberFloor Installation Instructions

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    • 1). Undercut door casings and remove baseboard that is not at least 1/4-inch above the subfloor. Level uneven subflooring differences of more than 1/32-inch, and fill in pits cracks greater than 1/4-inch with cement-based patch and leveling compound. Leveling compound must be completely dry before you proceed with the installation.

    • 2). Sweep and vacuum the subfloor to remove residual debris and dust. Position the flooring squarely in the room and parallel with the walls. Make sure at least half of a block of the pattern is visible for an attractive installation. Do not bend or crease the material while positioning it. Once the flooring is in place, weigh it down so it will not shift and allow it to acclimate and relax for up to 30 minutes.

    • 3). Complete relief cuts at all corners and around other objects, like pipes or pillars, with a sharp utility knife. Diagonal or C-shaped cuts are recommended. Relief cuts allow the flooring material to fall into place at the corners.

    • 4). Trim the excess FiberFloor along the walls so the material will lay flat against the subfloor. Be sure to allow for a 1/4-inch gap between the flooring and vertical surfaces, like walls, cabinets, pipes, pillars etc. Cut the FiberFloor around door casing slightly longer and tuck the extra flooring under the casing.

    • 5). Place seams in an inconspicuous area. Overlap the two pieces of FiberFloor at the seam line and match the flooring pattern. Use a metal straight edge to cut the seam making a vertical cut through the flooring. Remove the extra scrap pieces of flooring.

    • 6). Fold the flooring back at the seam and place Tarkett S-875 floating seam tape at the center of the seam to catch the edges of both seam pieces. Make sure the seam is aligned correctly. Remove half of the release tape from the seam tape and lower the flooring onto the seam tape. Do the same for the other piece of flooring at the seam. Roll over the seam with a hand roller.

    • 7). Seal the seams with Tarkett DT-25 or DT-65 seam sealer. Replace baseboards and molding. Angle the nails so they go into the wall and do not go through the flooring.

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