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Boundaries with yourself? It does sound a bit odd, doesn't it? Well, if you will bear with me for a few minutes here you can have a major break-through...
really!! I received a phone call earlier this week from a client who had a new employment opportunity, but felt scared because of the unknown elements involved in the change.
I don't blame this person for having some apprehension, as I think most of us would (sorry to speak for you all.
I know I would!).
It reminded me, however, how there is a tendency to "play it safe" even when opportunities for greater growth, better relationships or income come our way.
This all goes back to knowing what is predictable versus stepping into the unknown.
Remember the movie "Ground Hog Day"? Need I say anymore? But this is exactly where your boundaries with yourself come in.
Have you set a boundary with yourself that says that it is okay to take some risks? That may sound like an odd boundary, but remember: Boundaries work two ways; they determine what we keep out as well as what we let in.
If you set your boundaries too rigidly with yourself you then risk missing opportunities that can lead to huge leaps of success, growth, passion and change.
But then again, maybe you just want to play it safe.
I have only one question for you: Are you a Ground Hog? Here's the deal; you may have only one chance when opportunities come along and if you don't take a shot at them then you loose the chance to taste the nectar of life at a whole new level.
We live in a Universe of Abundance.
Look around; the squirrels never go hungry, the fish don't run out of water and we always have plenty of air to breathe, right? What other evidence do you need? Or is it a guarantee that you want? If so, then all I can say is that you will not get one.
Not in this lifetime.
If we weren't put here to take risks then why does everything we learn as children involve risk? Our first steps; major risky, our first words to a stranger; major risky, our first ride on a bicycle; major risky.
But you did all those things without much fear, right? That only means that the fear that you have today has been learned through conditioning and most of it is NOT TRUE.
Remember F.
: Fictitious Events Appearing Real or Face Everything And Rejoice.
Which way do you want to live? The choice is yours.
I hope, however, that I might rejoice with you someday.
It all starts with the boundaries that you set with yourself.
Go ahead; go for it...
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