How to Win With PPC Advertising

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Here are step by step instructions to get your site listed on top of Google.
Step 1- Write a short article or news blurb related to your site.
People want to know what you have on your mind and what is working for you.
It is also good to let others know what is not working for you and if you have done any sort of testing, you can also reveal the results to your tests.
This helps people to understand why a particular action works or why it did not work.
Step 2- Submit a press release, I like to use freepressrelease.
com, however there are plenty services out there that offer the service.
I recommend submitting it to as many as you can, by the way I like the free ones.
Please do not forget to have your press release to be informative as this will get it more exposure.
If you do not know how to write a press release yo can have it outsourced at a site like elance.
com or guru.
com or somewhere like that.
This will prove to be an invaluable service that you may want to use later in your marketing business.
Step 3- Verify that your release is on Google News.
Once your news release is published, it may appear on Google News in a matter of hours.
If you don't see it there on Google News right away, that's OK because we have seen where the p.
never showed up on Google News, but do make it to the main Google website.
That is your goal, right? Step 4- Watch it all unfold as content based sites are looking for free articles they will find your news release on Google News.
Once some large sites pick up your news release you will also see some traffic from that as well.
The search engines crawl those sites and see your website URL in the article and news blurb.
This increases your "popularity" score with the engines.
The more links to your site the merrier as far as Google is concerned as this will get you better positioning on Google's natural search engine.
Of course traffic geyser is good and will get you there as well.
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