The Future of Project Management

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The Great Pyramid of Giza is a marvel, an ode to all of mankind since it was completed around 2560 BC. Standing 451 feet high in the sky, it took an estimated 2 million stone blocks that weighed in at over 2 tons each! For more than 43 centuries, it was considered to be the tallest man-made structure in the world. Such impressive excellence would have been difficult to achieve by merely whipping up slaves, as has been depicted in popular drawings from the time.

In a discussion in the highly reputed journal, National Geographic, it was inferred that the building of the Great Pyramid was indeed a culmination of a highly specialized group of skills that ranged from planning, co-ordination, health-care management, etc. The original planning and construction methods as used by the builders of the Great Pyramid remain a mystery to mankind till date. But training management professionals agree that this monumental task could only have been achieved by implementing the fundamentals of project management.

What started as a by-product of a monumental construction project has evolved over 5000 years to become common place across sectors and industries. It has been shaped up by societal demands for resource changes to bring about value additions in products and services being consumed today. Such wide-spread acceptance of project training has led to a huge demand for Project Management Professional Certification and leadership development programs that continue to mould the mangers of tomorrow.

While construction may be attributed as the originating point of the project training and leadership development programs of today, the profession finds applications across industries and sectors. The proliferation of computers has revolutionized delivery management for projects and has facilitated the development of various tools that aid the modern project manager.

There have been strong efforts in recent years to expand project training from being a single project model to one that can be replicated and implemented across multiple projects simultaneously. The Injazat Institute has positioned itself as the leading professional development institute in the UAE. Out here, you will find a wide offering of professional development and pmp courses that offer leadership training and career development services for successful project leaders of tomorrow.

Project Management has evolved over time to play significantly important parts in organizational success. The Injazat Institute, ranks at the top of the professional development institutes list. They offer a plethora of leadership development and training programs that are designed to deliver PMP certifications for the leaders of the future.

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