Negotiating Tips When Buying a New Car

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If you've bought a car before, you know that it isn't a painless process.
Some of us simply don't enjoy haggling with dealers.
And if you're in a dire situation, you might be able to spend weeks or months hunting for a super awesome deal.
But buying a car doesn't have to be a hassle.
If you prepare yourself for the process, things can go much smoother than expected.
The whole point of car buying is to get a vehicle that meets your needs for the best possible price.
Your goal is to get the price down from the one listed on the sticker and there's no doubt that you can.
Keep in mind that the price listed on the sticker is what the manufacturer suggests the vehicle sell for.
The truth is, not too many people actually pay that price.
If you are interested in a specific make and model, get online and research that vehicle.
Find out what the Kelly Blue Book value is and see how the dealer's price compares.
Also look into the different models and note the price differences between them.
This way you will have a ballpark figure and know when the dealer is trying to rip you off.
Remember that test driving a car does not mean you are obligated to buy it.
After a test drive, get an initial price quote on the vehicle but don't promise the salesperson anything.
Some salespeople like to pressure customers to buy a car.
Unfortunately some people do buckle under that pressure.
Those people might end up paying way too much for the vehicles they end up with, or realize down the road, the car is not the best fit for them.
So when a salesperson starts pressuring you, make it clear that you're not interested in making a deal on your first visit.
If you can, take the time to shop around online and at dealerships.
Once you do this, you should have several different price quotes.
You can then use these quotes to your advantage.
For instance, if you talk to a salesperson at one dealership and their price is a little too high for your liking; you can then mention that a salesperson at another dealership offered the same vehicle at a lower price.
This might get the salesperson you are currently dealing with to work on a better deal.
Don't be afraid to mention the other dealership or salesman by name.
This will let salespeople know that you are serious about buying a car.
If they can't beat the lower price, you can move on to the next dealer.
Once you have test driven a car, don't keep going back to the same dealership.
Negotiate over the phone because you won't be as intimidated and will be less likely to crack under pressure.
Stand your ground and if the deal is right, go get your car.
In the end, make sure your final price is the final price.
Don't let the salesperson quote one price only to tell you they have add registration and dealer fees on top of that.
Ask that all fees be included in the final quote.
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