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If you are have ever dreamt about gathering all of your virtual research sources on a single page then you should celebrate the invention of an innovative home page called Tool Cup. After researching for several years, a team of cyber researchers has contrived an innovative tool, which aims to make virtual research comfortable for online surfers. In current scenario, you are required to navigate on each search engine for finding the right virtual sources of your needs. However, the method will get change with the application of this tool.

It can look like a magical wand to gather all of your virtual needs just at one page. You will not have the need to open new tabs repeatedly for sufficing your virtual needs. With the help of this tool, you can easily put your search term in search engine boxes and press on search button for researching your object separately in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask, and Bing.
If you will match the conception of this tool with other available tools then you probably will face disappointment because it has no alternatives. It is the one-stop solutions to all of your virtual research needs. You can also refer it as the magical kettle of an old magician.

Tool Cup

You can call it a unified search engine because it fulfills all primary needs of a search engine via all search engines. Moreover, it includes all leading search engines in an innovative manner to make online research comfortable for surfers. For example, if you will have search term like Browser homepage to research over web then in absence of this tool, you will open several tabs and research separately over each page. On contrary to this, while using tool cup, you will get all of your web browsers like Google, Yahoo,, and Bing with search boxes. You can put your search term in these search boxes, available at your homepage and press search. The further action will open separate tabs with search results against your queries. Moreover, this home page can also help you in finding relevant videos related to your search results. Therefore, it will reduce your multiple steps of navigating to each tool separately. It will make your online research focused and timesaving. You will only have the requirement to make this website your home page. After defining this site as your home page, it will get started with your browser. Therefore, you will not have the requirement to open new tabs for researching new search terms because all search engines will be available at your home page in an impressive manner.

After reading about the innovative emergence of a home page, which gathers all search engines, you will be able to research about your products easily. You just need to access to the website and make this is the home page for your web browser. Apart from home page search engines, it has all other aspects that cannot be covered in a single post. Therefore, you should personally experience the magic of this innovative web portal.
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