How to Get to Second Missing Person in Mexico "Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare"

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    • 1). Head to the town of El Presidio in the Diez Coronas region of Mexico. Take the Missing Person poster from the wall. The poster requests that you find Ramon Alvares. A map marker appears to guide you to him.

    • 2). Exit El Presidio and whistle for your horse. Get on the horse and ride east to Torquemada. As you approach the marked location, you see Ramon above you at the fortress. Follow the winding path on the left side of the area to reach the fortress.

    • 3). Trample the zombies with your horse or shoot them with any gun. When the zombies are all dead, stop the horse next to Ramon. He climbs on the horse.

    • 4). Ride back to El Presidio. Kill the zombies surrounding the front gate. The Mexican Army helps you do this. When you clear out the zombies, approach the gate to take Ramon into the town.

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