How to Become a Christian Rapper

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    • 1). Re-read and review your favorite Bible passages, sermons or other activities experienced in church or church groups. Talk to your peers at church about the Christian concepts that are important to you. Write down the ideas that inspire you.

    • 2). Write first drafts for your songs. Use concepts from Step 1 for guidance and inspiration. Run your drafts by your peers for feedback. Collaborate whenever possible to get a fresh perspective on your writing.

    • 3). Set beats to your songs. To practice, use the beats of popular songs and wrap your lyrics over them. Recruit easy-to-use music software to make your own beats. Practice rapping over them.

    • 4). Record your songs using a computer with a built-in microphone and easy-to-use recording software. Layer the beat with the lyrics. Give your songs to a few of your peers for review and feedback. Edit as necessary.

    • 5). Burn your songs to a CD. Distribute your songs for free in your church to gain exposure. Distribute a copy to Christian Hip Hop websites, magazines and other publications to search for a recording company or a wider market, if you desire.

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