How to Start a Toddler's Beauty Pageant

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    • 1). Come up with a budget. Make sure you have enough money to be able to execute all your plans. If you don’t have that much money to spend, consider getting some sponsors to help you out. If you are putting on the pageant to raise money for a cause, plan how much you will charge people for tickets.

    • 2). Write down who might want to participate in the pageant. Will it be a whole class of a nursery school? How about your neighbors, friends or relatives? Once you have a list of all the potential participants, contact the children’s parents or guardians to see if they are interested in having their children participate.

    • 3). Compose a list of possible dates and times for the events. Contact local meeting halls and venues that can be rented out to see if any of them are open for renting on any of the dates on your list.

    • 4). Choose a venue for the pageant, and pick a theme. What colors do you think will look best in the venue you selected? What atmosphere do you want the pageant to have? Your decorations and depend on your answers to these questions.

    • 5). Advertise your event weeks, if not months, before it is scheduled to take place. You can advertise by sending out invitations to members of your local community, printing out and distributing fliers, mentioning the event to friends on social networks, and sending out emails or text messages to people you know who may be interested in attending the pageant.

    • 6). Recruit volunteers to help you set up in your venue, and find at least three judges for the event. Plan and prepare the prizes for the finalists.

    • 7). Rent equipment. The ideal equipment package is the one that includes lights, a sound system and everything else. However, if your budget doesn’t allow for “the works,” you can try to borrow equipment from friends and family members.

    • 8). Visit your venue a few hours prior to the event, so that you can decorate the venue. Hold your pageant.

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