Organic Gardening Facts

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What is organic gardening you ask?
It is simply the growing of plants using no artificially-made nutrients to fertilize them or artificially-made pesticides to protect them from pests. The plants can be anything that is grown from your grass to your vegetables.

This way of gardening is not that new as some people would think. It has been practiced far longer than the chemical-type of gardening that came into being around the 1840s. People before then used nature's own gifts to fertilize their gardens like the cow and chicken manures left by the animals.

Along with manure people also used Garden Composters with their grass clippings, tree trimmings, leaves, kitchen scraps and more to fertilize their gardens. Of course the scraps put into the compost should all be totally organic too. This compost nourished their garden soil naturally and could also spread it across their lawns.

Today we are starting to understand that by using too many chemicals growing things leads to an imbalance in the environment. The chemical way of growing works by killing certain organisms and then rebuilding the soil. The organic way works through balancing the natural makeup of the soil.

Using natural means to fertilize the growing areas allows nature to work up to its full potential. The organic fertilizers are all about adding to the soil without harming the ground water or environment. Weed control is done by natural means too, many times through balancing the pH of the soil or mulching you can cut down drastically on the weeds. No need for strong herbicides.

Who wants to deal with strong chemicals in the yard?
Most people dislike this but are just unwilling to learn a different way of doing things. Yes it takes a bit more time and commitment to garden organically. But it is much better for your garden, yard, and the environment.

Controlling Garden Pests Can Be Done Naturally!
Sometimes this is accomplished by introducing beneficial insects into your planting area. Ladybugs is one example of these insects. There are also certain plants that can be used to keep pest away too. Marigolds for example keep aphids, nematodes, Mexican bean beetle away just to mention a few.

Many people are starting to be concerned with how many chemicals are being used on the food supply today. You might be among them. The vegetables you have in your garden can be grown organically to give you food free of chemicals. More and more people are doing this to feed their families.

Organic Benefits:
Hydroponic gardening is often done naturally too. A popular hydroponics system is the AeroGarden Grow Systems, which are one of the top rated growing machines in the world! So if you have this type of garden setup it is easy to switch it to organic. Just use all natural plant food and pest control measures.

So if you want to garden a healthier way start doing it organically. If you are already doing it good for you. Chances are you have already noticed the benefits of growing this in a natural way. Working with nature instead of against will even get you larger harvest and more blooms!

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