Acne Sufferers - Beware of the Quick Fix Merchants

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There is no permanent quick fix for acne.
Some can be cured quickly, for example in the case of breakouts caused by a food allergy - a change in diet could fix this quickly.
But most acne is not caused by an allergy to food.
It is caused by other factors or a combination of factors - hormone imbalance, toxins in the body, diet.
These need to be addressed before the real causes can be eradicated.
Until this is done, acne breakouts will continue to occur.
That's exactly what the manufacturers of the so-called miracle cures expect to happen.
In fact, they design the treatments so sufferers will become dependent on them.
For drug companies to keep making billions of dollars, they need repeat sales.
They do this by developing products that treat the symptoms, knowing the symptoms will return.
The quick easy cure trap The offer of an easy, permanent cure for something as annoying, frustrating and embarrassing as acne is very enticing.
Who would not want that? But it is a pipe dream.
People who have rid themselves of acne breakouts permanently have rarely done it quickly or easily.
The solution may have been simple but the process would not have been easy.
It would have entailed effort, sacrifice and persistence - the same qualities needed to achieve any other worthwhile goal.
A quick cure is different to quick results.
Results, in the form of improvement, can be achieved quite quickly by a change in lifestyle.
For example, changing from a high GI diet to a low GI diet.
Research has shown a change in diet can reduce outbreaks in a matter of weeks.
Some people can see improvements in days.
With the right guidance these early results can be turned into permanent cures.
You can have permanently clear skin but you will need the discipline to follow a program, the persistence to see it though and the patience to wait for the results you want.
Do not be taken in by the false promises of money motivated quick fix merchants.
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