Party on a Blue Flag Beach

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When you head to Puerto Rico, one of the main attractions is that of the beaches.
While there are several beaches for you to choose from, you can make it a point to visit a Blue Flag beach.
This means that the beach has passed a series of tests stipulated by the Foundation of Environmental Education and has achieved that status.
The global blue flag program has the following criteria based on which it grants a beach a blue flag status: 1) Environmental Education and Information 2) The quality of the water 3) How the environment around has been managed 4) The Safety and Services that are in play At present there are 4 beaches in Puerto Rico with this standard.
While there are only 4 categories, there are over 29 criteria to fulfill in each of them put together.
The Blue Flag beaches at present are: Cana Gorda which is located on the southwest coast.
It has quite a dense population on the surroundings and numerous others living in houseboats etc.
On this beach you can head out to explore the cays nearby and even see animals in their natural habitat.
This is a great place to snorkel.
The Rincon Bay is among the more famous Puerto Rican beaches.
Located on the far western corner of the island gives you a superb vantage point for sunsets.
Surfers find this an excellent spot and have been coming here since 1968 which was also when the World Surfing Championships were held.
Shacks is in the northern part of the city and is famous internationally.
Primarily used by those who enjoy windsurfing and oceanic related fun that needs strong winter wind.
And finally Flamenco is another famous Puerto Rico beach.
This is found on a small island that is not associated with the mainland of Puerto Rico.
Besides being a Blue Flag beach it is also a famous one internationally.
This is a beach that has never been touched by motorized vehicles and the sands there are virgin and largely untread.
Though not all of them will be within your itinerary it would be nice to make time and find them.
The experience is rather different and one that will add to the memories that you create.
Try and find accommodation that is close to one of these beaches to make things easier for you.
Besides the beach of course there is a lot of other things that you can see and do here.
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