Mac Eyeshadow Makeup Tips

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    What You Need

    • Cotton swabs make great makeup applicators

      Choose a MAC eyeshadow compact with several different colors and experiment with different styles. Instead of using eyeshadow applicators, use cotton swabs. They're disposable and you can use one swab for each color and you won't accidentally mix colors with the same applicator. Use an eye smudging tool to create that smokey look made famous by supermodels on the runway.

    Before You Start

    • MAC makes a variety of cosmetics and tools

      Wash your face thoroughly with a deep cleansing moisturizer, and rinse with cold water. According to, cold water closes and tighten the pores. so rinsing with cold water will prevent the makeup from sticking in your pores. Pour about a quarter-sized amount of foundation onto a paper towel and mix it with a small amount of face powder. Use your index finger and rub some of the foundation mixture into your eyelids. This will create a base for the eyeshadow. Make sure the foundation is even and there are no creases in your eyelids.

    Creating Color

    • Dark eyeshadow wraps well around a contrasting light shadow

      Dip your applicator into a dark color, like royal blue, and sweep it as close to the lash line as possible. This will create a definition line. For a sensual night-time look, sweep the dark color slightly beyond the eye creating a "cat's eye" effect.
      To create a contrasting look, use a different applicator and sweep a thick band of lighter color through the fleshiest part of your eyelid, above the dark line of shadow. Use a smudge stick to slightly blend the dark line with the light color just above the dark line. This will create a sultry, smokey look.

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