Decorating Over the Fireplace

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    Reflect Your Space

    • Displaying a mirror over the mantle is more than just a way to decorate the space; the mirror serves a practical function in the room as well. While a mirror is a convenient spot for last-minute hair and makeup checks, a large mirror also reflects an empty room, giving it the illusion of more space. You also have the option of displaying a mirror horizontally or vertically; securely displaying a vertical mirror on top of your mantle gives you room on either side to display small decorations, flowers or photographs.

    Hot Entertaining

    • The popularity of flat-screen televisions has made it easier to fill the space above the fireplace as most give you the option of mounting them on the wall. If you plan to hang your television over the fireplace, however, there are certain things you must take into consideration. If you use your fireplace as a heat source, for example, test the temperature in the space where you want to hang your TV. If the temperature reaches 90 degrees Fahrenheit when the fireplace is burning, it is too hot to safely display your TV. Also determine that the TV would not hang too high for comfortable viewing; you may even invest in a wall mount that tilts downward.

    Suit the Room

    • Your fireplace is one of your room's major focal points, so dressing it up in the appropriate style is crucial. For a room with an antique, homemade style, simple decorations like an antique painting or old flower vases are the ideal fit. In a retro living room, a colorful modern art print may be more appropriate. Pay careful attention to the colors throughout your room and the style of the furniture; if your fireplace decorations clash, the room's cohesion disintegrates. You may even consider repainting the fireplace itself to better suit your space.

    Light It up

    • Fireplaces are sources of heat and light, so embrace tradition by dressing up the space with candles and other lights. Adorn your mantle with candles of various heights and widths to give off a warm glow. If the candles alone seem like too spartan of a decoration, display them alongside flowers or sugared fruit to fill out the space. If your fireplace itself is not currently in use, display matching candles in the unused hearth to make it into one cohesive decorative statement.

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