How to Make a Sleeping Mat

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    • 1). Place one piece of fleece on the table with the right side (front side) facing up.

    • 2). Lay the second piece of fleece right side down on top of the first piece of fabric. The back of the second piece of fleece should face up.

    • 3). Lay both pieces of batting on top of the fleece. Make sure all the sides of all four layers are even.

    • 4). Pin all four layers together on all four sides. Pinning all four sides will help to keep the layers from shifting while you are sewing.

    • 5). Using a sewing machine, stitch three sides of the fabric together, sewing a 5/8 inch seam all the way around. Be sure to leave one of the short sides open.

    • 6). Remove all the pins.

    • 7). Carefully cut away excess battling from the seam.

    • 8). Turn the fabric inside out so that the batting is between the two layers of fleece and the right sides of the fleece are showing.

    • 9). Iron the seams on the three sewn sides so the seams will lay flat.

    • 10

      Fold the edges of of the open side under. Cut the batting on that side back and tuck it under one of the fabric edge flaps. Pin the sides together.

    • 11

      Hand sew the edge closed.

    • 12

      Iron the hand sewn edge so it will lay flat.

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