How to Become a Drafter

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Do you usually hear people saying that you have a talent in visualizing objects and putting them in the right perspective? Well, if you certain that those people are not just pulling your leg, why not make a career out of your remarkable skill? Yes, there is a perfect job with your name on it-a drafter.
Are you familiar with technical drawing? Okay, before I tackle the technicalities of being a drafter, let's have a quick recap first.
Technical drawing is the application of making exact representations of things for architectural, technical, and engineering purposes.
To put it simply, it is used by a person to communicate an idea to another person through a drawing or a sketch regardless of the instruments used.
Technical drawing can be done either by paper and pencil or with a computer-aided design and drafting software.
For example, if a client wants to build a house, an architect will show a drawing that will represent the design of the house, where the living room is, where the doors are, and so on.
So now that we're clear on the definition of technical drawing, what does that have to do with being a drafter? If you want to be a drafter, then you will have to master the art of technical drawing.
The workload of a draftsperson includes creating illustrations of a simple part like a chair armrest to completing representations of a complex object such as a vehicle.
Now that computer-aided design and drafting systems are available, the drawing task is relatively easier.
However, there are still some clients who prefer pencil sketches.
It is best for an aspiring drafter to be knowledgeable on both.
If you think being a drafter only requires the talent in technical drawing, think again.
More often than not, a drafter performs calculations in their illustrations.
Remember, the drawing must be an accurate representation.
You have to sharpen your mathematical skills as well.
There is more to a drafter's work than technical drawing and calculations.
Once you landed a job as a drafter, you are expected to be handy in the production and manufacture stages in case problems arise and there is a need for some adjustments.
I have nothing against engineers but let's be honest here.
Not all engineers are brilliant in technical drawing.
Even if the idea of the engineer is highly innovative and can very well be the start of a new trend, if he cannot fully explain it, it will not impress any client and is likely to be overlooked.
That is why drafters are in demand in engineering workshops and in the manufacturing industry since they have the talent to put ideas into drawings to be more tangible to the customers.
The usual work areas of a drafter are air conditioning detail, architectural detail, concrete detail, electrical and electronic detail, engineering manufacture, and steel work fabrication.
Taking these into consideration, a drafter have a number of career opportunities.
You can choose from the following: contract employment groups, council groups, government sectors, consulting engineers, and small manufacturing industries.
With the ongoing developments in the industry, you don't need to worry about landing a job.
The demand for drafters is as steady as a rock.
If you have the skills and you are interested in the work areas, you may be already mulling over the possibility of being a drafter.
Before you make the decision, read on about the required qualifications for a drafter.
You have to have at least a Certificate III in Detail Drafting and an Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering at best.
Detail drafting refers to all sorts of fields under the umbrella of engineering such as hydraulics and pneumatics.
So, did you qualify? If you love technical drawing, have a knack in calculations, and very fluent in communicating ideas, apply as a drafter and earn money.
Not everybody is given a chance to do what they want and get paid for it.
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