Nautical Decor Ideas

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    • When first deciding to use a nautical theme for your decor, you can go to yard sales in neighboring waterfront towns. Ocean and lakefront areas will be more likely to have some of these items. You can also try the the fishing docks to make an offer on a lobster pot or the small buoys used to mark them. Many fisherman have old ones they will be willing to sell. If that is too far to travel, you can shop the many websites that offer boating, fishing or marine supplies. The more used and weathered the items are, the better. Sea shells are free for the taking along beaches or they can be purchased in a craft shop or online.


    • Lobster pots make great tables. When you lay them on their side, they are the perfect size for a coffee table. Stand them upright and you have an end table. A piece of tempered glass cut to size can serve as a table top.

      Lobster and crab fishermen use a small wooden buoy that has a thick rope attached to it. It is used as a marker for the lobster pots out at sea. Freshwater fishermen use these to keep their nets afloat. These buoys make a great wall hangings.

      You can do many things with oars. They can be used as a wall-hanging alone or you can put a few of them together. You can put cup hooks along the handle and use the oar to hold cups in your kitchen or use larger hooks to create a coat hanger. An oar hanging in the bathroom, horizontally or vertically, can be a towel rack. Oars can be hung with brackets or by screwing a large screw straight through the oar and into the wall.

      Seashells can spice up the back splash of your kitchen counters, or be used as a border along the bottom of the cabinet where it meets the wall. You would need a bunch of them to achieve this look. They can also be attached with picture-hanging, tack putty. This can be purchased at a hardware or office supply store by asking for "tack putty." Shells can also be used to border mirrors and pictures frames in bathrooms and bedrooms.

      Old fishing nets make airy nautical window treatments. Use an oar instead of a curtain rod and drape the net loosely for a rustic look.

      A Fishing net can also be used as a decorative wall-hanging. You can attach smaller nautical-themed items to the net as well. Pieces of drift wood and old nautical instruments would work well in this application.

      If your home has a cathedral ceiling you could hang an old, weathered rowboat from the ceiling. You can hang it from rope or chain secured to the walls or ceiling.

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