Adding Personal Touches With Wedding Accessories

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Though the idea of an accessory implies something extra, the use of wedding accessories can help to create a personalized style for both your dress and for the ceremony.
Though most people think of these things as garters, hairpins, and gloves, items can also be used to accentuate a table, a doorway, or your guests' name cards.
Not all brides can splurge on a designer ceremony, dress, and offer individual gourmet dishes, but by added personal touches using wedding accessories, the day seems less "cookie cutter" and more in tune with the person your guests know you to be.
This article offers some easy and inexpensive ways to create a custom look without the cost.
Go Retro Adding a bit of vintage flair can go a long way.
If you're unsure how to do this, get together with your fiancé to discover what your favourite eras are.
Of course, not everyone has a favourite decade that easily translates into suitable wedding accessories, but sometimes a shared experience can then become the subtle setting for your big day.
Was the first film you watched together Titanic? Why not add some Victorian lace and decoration to your wedding's aesthetic? Or perhaps your partner can wear a dapper vintage suit? Or maybe you restored a 1953 Buick together, meaning that you can have a rockin' 50s style entrance.
Adding a vintage feel to your big day doesn't mean you need to have a custom vintage style dress.
You can add to the dress you already have: vintage lace gloves, a cool retro hairstyle, or some Marilyn Monroe makeup.
You can decorate the tables of the reception dinner with vintage photographs of your and your partner's family, making a sweet gesture to the importance of family in your lives.
Something Old, Something New This is a great opportunity to incorporate personal wedding accessories that have importance and memory.
Your grandmother's Spanish lace shawl, your aunt's ruby earrings, or your father's favourite tie clip can all find life again on your special day.
These pieces make great stories, and can continue or start entirely new family traditions.
You can include special, personalized items for your guests as well.
If you kept a friendship bracelet you and a friend made together many years ago, you can tie it to their dinner seat reservation card.
Or a toy car that you stole from your brother can be placed next to his plate.
Though you and your future spouse are, of course, the main attraction, these little gestures remind your family and friends they have played an important role.
Themes and Memories Giving your event a theme - be that Back to the Future or ancient Egypt - can help orient your decorations.
It can also be a way to reminisce about past trips taken together, shared interests, and passions.
These items don't need to be heavy handed - you don't need a Cleopatra's wig or live snakes in your bouquet - but if you can paint "Just Married" on the back of a DeLorean, no body would ever forget it.
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