How to Replace the Fan in a Kia Spectra

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    • 1). Disconnect and isolate the negative battery cable of your Kia Spectra and unplug the cooling fan's electrical connector.

    • 2). Remove the fresh air duct and twist open the coolant drain in the bottom of the radiator. Make sure you have a clean container that's large enough to hold the engine coolant. Once all the coolant is drained cover the container to protect it from debris and set it aside. If you have an automatic transmission, you will also need to disconnect and plug the oil cooler hose at the bottom rear of the radiator.

    • 3). Unscrew the hose clamps for both the upper and lower radiator hoses. Use your marking pen or tape to mark where the clamps were and which hose is upper or lower. Remove the radiator hoses and clamps, and the coolant reservoir hose, and set them aside.

    • 4). Unbolt the radiator's retaining brackets and lift the radiator and cooling fan out of the engine compartment. You can then loosen the bolts holding the fan to the radiator and separate them.

    • 5). Bolt the new fan to the radiator and place them, together, back into the engine compartment. Replace and tighten the radiator brackets.

    • 6). Replace the upper and lower radiator hoses and tighten the hose clamps back into place. Reconnect the coolant reservoir hose too. If you have an automatic transmission, unplug and reconnect the oil cooler hose. Replace the fresh air duct.

    • 7). Make certain the coolant drain in the bottom of your radiator is closed. Refill the radiator; if the coolant you extracted is not clean you can take this opportunity to refill your cooling system with fresh clean coolant. Plug your fan back into its electrical connector and reconnect the negative battery cable.

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