Major Decisions Coming Out of ECB this Week

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There are a number of major decisions coming out of the ECB this week, especially the LTRO (Longer Term Refinancing Operation) in which the central bank hopes to prop up ailing economies. While this will continue to facilitate the current state of affairs in many European countries, without a true willingness to begin to pay down their debt it will have little impact. There needs to be a very real and present effort to pay down the debts the EU is now taking on, to do otherwise will only create more trouble. There is just no real way to accommodate what has been occurring lately without some measure of change, and this change needs to involve domestic production in goods and severe cuts to various entitlements.

The single largest offender of these financial inadequacies has been Greece, with Portugal and Italy close behind. There is very little chance of the EU being able to recover properly without these countries getting their acts together, and this appears less likely every day. By taking care of the necessary liabilities with regard to what has been going on with Europe the EU stands a chance at recovery, but given that most of these countries are unwilling to positively adopt the necessary changes there is likely to be continued trouble. This makes for a very unstable and ugly situation in the near future where many people are concerned, and unfortunately this does not appear to be something that will let up anytime soon. Making sure to always make the proper call and embrace the current action on Forex charts with the right amount of caution will result in some hefty profits.

While it has become common in the last couple years to just go ahead and bet against the dollar this appears to be tapering off, there is not likely to be any sort of consolation in this move for new traders. By always taking the time to move forward in a way that is knowledgeable traders can ensure their own profitability in Forex, an in doing so make sure they can live to trade another day. There is not a lot of potential for the Euro to rise in coming weeks, and this is something that traders should bear in mind despite the recent upswing. The overall picture is what everyone must keep their eye on if they are to be successful in this market.

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