Stabilize Your Sales With A Solid Product Line

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It's wonderful when your e-book or video set is selling like hotcakes, but hard on your bottom line when it goes through a sales slump.
With any product, you can experience a number of peaks and valleys in your sales - as promotions by affiliates come and go, competing products steal your thunder for awhile, or seasonal sales spike and drop.
You can buffer these peaks and valleys - and create a stable income from your infopreneur business.
Build a system that weathers the sales droughts - that won't be affected by slow sales of any one product.
Create A Product Line, But Diversify As you build a product line, create products that target the same market.
By keeping all your products targeted at the same market, you can focus all your energies on building your presence in that market.
You'll also be able to keep selling more products to the same customers, on your all-important mailing list.
However, you can diversify the type of products that you sell to this market.
Create reports, e-book, videos on a number of subjects that affect your target market.
Build a number of diverse product lines.
An Example Of Building Diverse Product Lines Targeting small retail business owners.
You might enter the market with a small report on effective displays of a certain type of product.
Then, follow up with an e-book on store design, and follow that with a DVD that demonstrates customer traffic flows through different store layouts.
Now, you've built a product line around store layout, and it's time to diversify.
You could introduce a report on hiring practices that ensure good, trustworthy employees, or a plan to thwart shoplifting, or a guide to finding better suppliers.
You'll establish the beginnings of a second line that you can still easily promote to your current customer list, but will also bring in a lot of new customers.
As you build your product lines, you'll also build your customer list.
Build A Network Of Product Lines Keep building new product lines - one at a time.
Get a number of products established in a line before you start building another one.
Witheach new product line, you can take a step further away from your original product line, until you have a number of lines that service different needs in your market.
With a network of product lines, whenever one has its sales slump, the others will take up the slack.
Having some diversity in the products you offer will stabilize your income from your online business - keeping a steady flow of cash coming in to your bank account.
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