An Anxiety Cure - Is There One That Works?

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If you are wondering if there is such a thing as an anxiety cure, the answer is no.
Thank goodness.
Anxiety is our body's natural reaction to danger and this is something that is vital to our well being.
Anxiety keeps us on our toes and allows us to react when we are threatened.
If we were able to rid ourselves of all anxiety, we would be defenseless when "real" danger presented itself.
Most people feel nervous or anxious when faced with a difficult decision, family problems or trouble at work, and this is normal.
However, when someone is anxious all the time, when it interferes with their daily activities and relationships, then that person may be suffering from an anxiety disorder.
Anxiety disorder is a name given to a group of associated conditions.
Although there are different types of anxiety disorder, they all share the same trait: constant apprehension or fear of situations that wouldn't bother most people.
If you have some of the following symptoms that won't go away, you could have an anxiety disorder: - You're constantly on edge or worried - Anxiety wreaks havoc with your job, your family or school - You know your fears are irrational but you can't get rid of them - You're always thinking that bad things are going to happen - Because some everyday endeavor or situation brings on anxiety, you avoid them - You have a sudden onset of panic which causes your heart to race - You feel as if danger is always right around the corner Fortunately, there are many anxiety cure treatments available that will allow you gain control of your life.
Therapy: Now here's a word that most people hate.
It conjures up thoughts that you are crazy, but that is definitely not the case.
Two forms of treatment, Cognitive-behavior therapy along with Exposure therapy, have been proven to be a very effective anxiety cure.
Do not hesitate in seeking the services of a therapist because of the stigma attached to it.
Medication: Some therapists may prescribe medication, along with therapy, to help treat your anxiety.
But, make no mistake about it, medication by itself is not an anxiety cure.
All it can do is relieve some of the symptoms you are experiencing.
Unfortunately, the drugs that are currently prescribed to treat anxiety can come with some very serious, and potentially deadly, side effects.
You need to thoroughly discuss these dangers with your therapist before you begin any medication.
Exercise: Here's another word a lot of people, including myself, don't like.
But it seems like no matter what ailment you are talking about, exercise always winds up being an important component when trying to get better.
The same thing applies even to an anxiety disorder.
Exercise is an excellent method of reducing stress and anxiety.
Working out for 30 minutes a day, 3 or 4 days per week, has proven to relieve anxiety and stress significantly.
Relaxation: Practicing relaxation techniques like controlled breathing, meditation and muscle relaxation, not only makes you feel better but also helps in reducing anxiety.
In answer to the original question, yes, there is indeed an anxiety cure that works.
There are also many options available to control the symptoms of an anxiety disorder so that you will be able to lead a normal life.
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