How to Run a Successful Club

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    • 1). Have a proven concept. It has to appeal to the people. It has to have an ability to attract customers from miles around. In one way or another the club must offer something new and attractive to customers that no other club offers. It should be something that not only appeals to avid clubbers but also to the occasional clubbers.

    • 2). Look at location, location, location. If that little key phrase was ever true it is in this instance. The location of a club is vitally important to its survival and success. As a successful club operator you will have to ensure you cubs success by scouting out and researching the perfect venue.

    • 3). Obtain all the correct licensure and permits. Doing it right the first time saves time and loads of money later. Any mishap in your liquor or business licenses can cause delays in opening, unexpected closings and loss of revenue. These procedures can take months to accomplish but it is necessary to struggle through all the red tape fully before opening your doors.

    • 4). Have a firm marketing plan from day one. Before you ever open the doors have a stable plan for promotion and advertising. Hire someone if you have to. No one will come to your club if no one knows about it. Accurate, on target advertising and timely promotions are key elements to running a successful club.

    • 5). Balance. Make sure you are balancing the fun side with the business side. While there is lots of fun and excitement to be had in the world of night club operation there are equal amounts of stress and responsibility. Take the time to manage your financial books everyday and keep an open line of communication with your accountants and book keepers.

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