How to Create a VB6 DLL Server Form Event in Process

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    • 1). Click the Windows "Start" button on your server. Type "cmd" and press "Enter." Your Windows server command-line window opens.

    • 2). Type "sc /?" and press "Enter." This command and its "/?" switch shows you all the options and command syntax for the utility. This is helpful if you forget how to use the sc command.

    • 3). Type the following into the command-line utility to load the form event DLL:

      sc \\server create newservice binpath= c:\file.dll

      Replace "server" with your Windows server name. Replace "newservice" with the name of the service. This name is shown in the list of processes in Task Manager. Replace "file.dll" with your own DLL file.

    • 4). Press "Enter" to execute the file. The command runs and registers the DLL with your server.

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