How to Thread Your Eyebrows!

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    • 1). Take two feet of strong thread and tie both ends so that it forms a loop.

    • 2). Place both hands inside of the loop and spread it apart so that it creates a rectangle.

    • 3). Wind one hand around about 10 times so that it creates several twists in the center. Place your thumbs inside of the loop and hold it open using your thumbs and forefingers. The thread should look like an "x" with the twists in the center.

    • 4). Push the twists in the center toward one hand by widening the fingers of the opposite. Practice this motion until you can comfortably and easily push the twists in the center. Those twists grasp and remove hairs.

    • 5). Place the thread over a body part with hair. Put the hair in one side of the "X." Push the central twists toward the hair. As you do, the twists will grasp and eventually pull out the hair. Practice until you can pull the hairs that you want.

    • 6). Stand in front of the mirror. Use the eyebrow pencil to mark the areas on your eyebrows that you want removed. Carefully and slowly remove the hairs that you marked with the eyebrow pencil.

    • 7). Practice on yourself and friends until you master the technique.

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