Can You Feed Your Dog Raw Food?

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Wild Dogs versus Domestic Dogs In the wild animals eat meat raw, so there is nothing wrong with the nutritional value in raw meat or a dogs ability to digest raw meat.
However in Western Countries where dogs are domestic pets, there can be problems with using raw meat because we can only feed dogs meat that we have bought from the store which has been produced in factories instead of able to our dogs being able to hunt their own meat naturally in the wild.
Raw Meat can Contain Bacteria Realistically raw meat, especially white meat such as pork and chicken, can contain various different bacterias including salmonella and EColi.
If the dog has been able to avoid getting sick from the bacteria, the bacteria is still passed out into their stool which can potentially infect other dogs and possibly other people.
Safe Methods Can be Followed for Preparing Raw Meat There are preparation methods can be followed to ensure bacteria in raw meat is not passed on:
  • Freeze meat overnight before giving it to your dog;
  • Wash your hands before preparing the meat;
  • Wash all the preparation utensils and cutting boards before preparation;
  • Wash all the preparation utensils and cutting boards afterwards thoroughly; and
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after preparation before touching anything else.
Using Natural Fresh Meat Instead of Commercial Dog Food You should definitely be feeding your dog fresh meat, regardless if it is raw or cooked, rather than choosing to feed them commercial dog food.
Commercial dog food is so unhealthy and is killing our dogs younger than their potential life span! It is because it contains less than 25 % actual meat and the meat that it contains is shocking like roadkill, diseased farm animals and euthanised zoo animals and pets!!! The rest of the 75% of the product is just chemicals EVEN if the product says its chemical and preservative free.
Dogs should have a balanced diet similar to humans that contains a mixture of protein, vegetables and carbohydrates (rice, pasta or cereals) and vitamins and minerals.
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