I Cannot Be in a Sexless Marriage

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My husband has stopped having sex with me! I never thought that could actually happen to me.
I thought men are always ready to have sex because it is their most important need.
Now it seems like I have more needs and he has none.
This is so wrong.
Sometimes it seems like I am desperately needing it and he is ignoring it.
That got to hurt my self esteem.
My sense of security shakes.
It is the worst feeling to be kind of rejected by your own husband.
All kinds of emotions run through my mind.
Is he having someone else? Is he bored of me? Am I not attractive enough? Having sex helps fulfill both physical and emotional needs in a marriage.
We, human, need it.
A relationship where needs are not fulfilled is simply considered to be unhealthy relationship.
Sexless marriage is just the symptom of the problem.
The amount of sex decreases as time passes by.
It might start with few times a week to few times a month to few times a year and perhaps no sex at all after that.
You are drifting apart from each other both emotionally and physically.
You need to understand how you got to this point.
You have to solve the right problem.
Though it helps to look good and smell good but it is not going to make things better for good as long as the problem still exists.
Most of the times, the issue that causes the marriage to become boring and unhealthy is usually the outside factor.
Once you can tackle the issue, your next goal is to bring the intimacy back into marriage and inside the bedroom as well.
A little tip - men like the fact that women find them desirable.
Nobody wants to live in a loveless, passionless and sexless marriage.
Though it is true that the lack of sex is not equal to lack of love.
However, I am sure nobody wants to be in that position in the marriage.
You have the power to bring the passion, intimacy, and sex back into your marriage.
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