What Do the Oscars and LinkedIn Have in Common?

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The Oscars are on this evening.
The appearance of celebrities on the red carpet is arguably more interesting than the awards show itself.
We watch to see what each will wear.
Every component of their outfit, from the dress to the earrings, from the tie to the shoes, is painstakingly chosen.
Celebrities know the red carpet is watched by millions around the globe.
This is their opportunity to promote their personal brand.
And they embrace that opportunity regardless the cost.
We don't have to be famous to have a personal brand.
LinkedIn is now the career red carpet...
it can be seen by millions.
Your LinkedIn profile, unlike a resume, provides for more creative license.
Adding a picture is an additional way to promote your "personal brand".
LinkedIn is a powerful tool in today's professional world.
It has transformed networking into a fast-paced, efficient tool.
Take the opportunity to promote yourself in a way that you hope to be perceived.
As I peruse LinkedIn, I notice the profile photo choices.
Here are some categorizations:
  • The web cam photo
  • The photo with kids
  • The no photo
  • The cut out photo
  • The professionally taken photo
  • The sincerely outdated photo
Here are my thoughts about photos that fall into these categories:
  • The web cam photo - lazy and not very good quality.
    Doesn't show you care.
  • The photo with kids - family person, but takes away from the subject - you.
  • The no photo - you don't like the way we look.
    Doesn't show confidence in yourself.
  • The cut out photo - Your arm is around someone who has been cut out of the photo.
    This is sloppy and again, lazy.
  • The professionally taken photo - Well thought out, great quality.
    Shows you took the time to care.
  • The seriously outdated photo - Seriously? This follows the online dating protocol.
    Showing up at an interview (date) looking many years from your photo feels like you're trying to pull something over on them.
The bottom line, think about what you want your photo to say about you.
If you are in the corporate world, it should be a professional photo and dressed appropriately.
If you are a photographer, an entrepreneur, in sports, your photo should reflect this.
Show your personality, but ensure you represent your profession.
Mine? It's the same as the one on my blog to the right.
I hope it shows a warm, friendly, happy person who is professional.
Do you think it hits the mark? What are you hoping your photo says? Have you seen others not on my list above?
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