How to Get Tinnitus Relief

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Tinnitus is an auditory problem that has victimized over 18% of the world population.
Hence, even if you are not a tinnitus sufferer, you should take precautions and avoid listening to loud noises and carry hearing aids with you if visiting places such as discos, pubs, theaters etc.
 Tinnitus sufferers should not try toxic medications that are harmful for the body organs and nerves.
Antibiotics, when given endogenously or through veins can be a cause for tinnitus.
Gentamicin and Streptomycin are brands that produce such antibiotics.
Some other well-known companies are Streptomycin Amilkacin and others Anti-malaria's (Choroquine/ Quinidine) based on quinine.
Chemotherapeutic agents made of platinum (Cisplatin).
Some physicians also condemn the use of some antibiotics like Zithromax or the anti-steroid non-inflammatory Relafen.
Many tinnitus sufferers fall back to playing some other sounds to conceal their problem.
Such people feel their tinnitus magnified in tranquil places.
Therefore, it advised to avoid such places.
Listening to soft music is a huge relief.
Sometimes Self-massage therapy proves to be a remedy in providing relief from tinnitus.
Experts suggest tinnitus patients to keep their ears near their head and make use of the thumbs along with index fingers to massage the outside area of both ears.
Reflexologies recommend massaging the region under the last two fingers.
Tinnitus sufferers may get some relief by doing exercises which helps to raises blood circulation to the brain.
Activities such as swimming may also help tinnitus sufferers.
It is imperative to know that doctors suggest use of meditation and listening to soft music.
It helps to a great extent.
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