How to Copy Kristen Stewart"s Makeup

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Kristen Stewart always hits the red carpet with a bit of a punky edge. She plays up her green eyes with dramatic eyeliner and eyeshadow while keeping the color on her lips and cheeks rosy and subtle. The result? Admirers are drawn to her eyes, and the rest of her face isn't overdone. It's the perfect prom makeup look. And who knows? With these eyes, your date could end up as smitten as Robert Pattinson.
To achieve Kristen's look, start with kohl black eyeliner.

Kohl has a softer texture, making it more malleable and easier to apply to your eye. Line the inside of your top and bottom lids, from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eye.

Then, apply black gel eyeliner to your top and bottom lids with a small brush. The lines should start at the outer corner of your eye and end just as your lids slope towards the inner corner of your eye. Use the brush to gently smudge the lines. The top and bottom lines should be slightly thicker toward the outer corner of your eye. The result should connect your kohl black eyeliner to the gel eyeliner.

Apply a light coat of dark silver eyeshadow on your eyelids using an eyeshadow brush. Make sure it doesn't go above the crease of your eye.

Apply a soft orange or terracotta colored eyeshadow just above the spot where your crease begins and blend it up into your brow bone. Extend the color further out when it reaches your outer brow bone to create a sweeping triangle.

Curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler.

Apply several coats of black mascara to your top and bottom lashes. Coat the inner, middle and outer sections of your lashes separately and in the direction you want them to point to create maximum length.

Apply a light pink blush to the apples of your cheeks and your cheek bones, then line your lips with clear or pink gloss.

Stand back and admire your brushwork- you've created a prom makeup look just like Kristen Stewart's!

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