Quality plastic pen: Know about the Tips of the Pen

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We cannot think a single day without a pen. In the age of technology, computers and laptops are becoming part of our life. Still, pen is used in many purposes like taking down notes. Signing any document at an office and receiving the letter from courier service and sign the receiving paper. There are innumerable plastic pen are available on the market. But, choosing quality plastic pen is a daunting task. Many of you ignore considering the tip of the pen while buying.

Superior quality tips give you super flow writing. Here are the lists of the tips:
  • Brass Tips: These tips are made of 1 mm Stainless Steel Ball and 0.8 Brass. These tips are cheap in the whole world. Three decades witness the manufacture of this type of tip. If you want ordinary and normal quality in writing, then this tip is awesome. It can easily be produced and best for a reasonable price pen.
  • Brass Nickel Plated BNP Tips: With the help of the Brass wire, the tip is made. To give the tip a better look nickel plated is used effectively. The whole world accepts and finds the tip of the pen reliable. The writing quality improves and also remains consistent. The diameter of the tip in between 0.7 mm to 1.20 mm ball. TC and SS are used in making the balls of the tip.
  • Nickel Silver Tips: Nickel Silver wire is new and costly compare to Brass wire. The use of TC Ball is prominent and tips life is more. 0.5 mm and 0.6 mm of the tip gives you smooth writing. The combination of Nickel Silver tip and TC ball offer high quality writing.
  • Gel Tips: The ball is 0.28 to 1 mm. Water-based ink i.e. Gel Ink is used in the tip. Using SS and NS wire and ceramic and TC Ball, this tip is made. It gives an attractive look at the paper and favorite among the students.
  • Stainless Steel Tips: This tip is very expensive, which use TC Ball.

Quality plastic pen gives you smooth writing and accomplish your writing. These pens are available at any stationary stores. Go ahead and purchase the pen for your need.

Kids start their writing skills with the help of a pencil. If you are running a school, then purchase personalized pencils for students. It will bring a smile on their face on the first day of the school. You can come close to the students and share a strong bond. You can write the name of the school, class and section on the pencil. In future, the kid can cherish the memories of his or her first day in school.
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