Tips on Using Detailing Spray

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    What's It For?

    • Detailing spray is used after washing and detailing your car to bring a shine to the paint. It removes light dirt, dust and built-up contaminants that cause water spots, putting a finishing touch on even the best wash jobs. Detailing spray is safe for any type of painted surface.

      Detailing spray also can be used to quickly touch-up a car that is mostly clean. You can use the detailing spray a few times a week or between heavy washes to keep your car clean.

    How to Use It

    • Detailing spray can't be used alone. You also need a microfiber towel to wipe the spray once it's on the surface of the car. The spray is applied directly onto the surface of the car and then wiped away with the towel. Doing this over the entire painted surface of the car shines the paint for a glossy look. If your car needs minimal cleaning, this is the best and quickest way to do it.

      If your car is dirty or has mud on the surface, it should be washed first. Wiping the detail spray on a dirty vehicle will only cause a bigger mess. Wash the car thoroughly with car wash soap, dry it with a clean chamois and then use the detail spray. Lightly spray the car in small areas at a time and then wipe the detail spray with a microfiber towel. Using microfiber instead of a regular towel cuts down on the amount of lint and scratches that may end up on the surface.

      Detail spray evaporates quickly to prevent water spots. It also slightly lubricates the surface of the car to help prevent scratches and to prevent bugs, grime and dirt from sticking to the surface.

      Before using the spray on a car that is clean enough to do without a wash, go over it with a paint-safe automotive duster to remove any heavy dust on the surface. Apply the detailing spray and wipe it with a microfiber cloth. You can also use the detailing spray on all chrome and trim pieces. Use glass cleaner on the windows to finish the quick detail job and get your car looking like it was just detailed.

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