What Are The Various Maternity Swimwear Styles?

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Halter, tankini, one-piece, bikini...
the options are endless.
When searching for that perfect maternity swimsuit one can feel overwhelmed, as there are so many different styles to choose from.
As an expectant mother one also must find a suit that is comfortable, breathable, and easily adapts to your baby bump.
There are a variety of maternity designers that focus on creating that perfect swimsuit.
Once one knows which style one prefers, that right swimsuit is sure to be out there.
Hakterkinis Halterkinis have become more and more popular over the past several years and for good reason.
Their adjustable straps tie around the neck in the traditional halter shape, creating a gorgeous frame for one's face while still allowing the swimsuit to be individually fitted to your body.
With a tank like top and bikini bottoms, a halterkini provides a bit more coverage than a bikini while still allowing plenty of room for your growing baby bump.
There are a multitude of halterkinis available, each one with its own special characteristics.
One beautiful option is the Jenni Tribal Tankini from Maternal America.
For women who prefer to draw the attention away from their hips this is a fantastic option as the colorful top and unique neckline draw the attention upwards while the solid black bottoms deemphasize one's lower half.
For a fun twist on the traditional swimsuit try the Flutter Halterkini, available in a tropical papaya, aqua blue, or sexy black.
The padded bra and back clip provide support for the bust while the stretch mesh flutter top gives light coverage to the belly while allowing a hint of skin to show through.
Whichever swimsuit you choose, halterkinis are a stylish and comfortable option.
Tankinis Tankinis are another fabulous maternity swimwearoption.
They are nearly identical to the halterkini in style, except for the neckline.
While the halterkini's top ties around the neck, the tankini has a tank like top, often with adjustable straps as well.
This is a flattering look but also very practical for nursing swimwear, as it lends itself well to easy nursing access.
One gorgeous and functional nursing swimsuit is the Nursing Swimwear Tankini from Belabumbum.
This swimsuit has adjustable tank straps and stretchy bottoms that fit well underneath the belly.
Its beautiful empire waist design is very figure flattering while serving simultaneously to provide easy and discreet nursing access.
Available in hot pink, classic black, and a beautiful floral print, this swimsuit is a great option for current or soon-to-be nursing mothers.
One-Piece For expectant mothers who want a bit more coverage or who like to swim very actively, a one piece is a flattering and functional option.
During exercise they ensure that everything will be well covered.
One swimsuit which is designed specifically with the active expecting mother in mind is the Jade Empire Tank from Prego Maternity.
In a brilliant jade color it is flattering on all skin tones.
The wide adjustable straps and the hook back bra provide excellent bust support and the empire waist creates a beautiful silhouette.
You will feel comfortable and look gorgeous all day long! For active swimmers, a one-piece is a great option.
Bikini If a bikini is your go to swimsuit pre-pregnancy, there is no need to give it up while pregnant! There are a plethora of beautiful maternity bikinis available.
Bikinis are a great option because they do not restrict your growing baby bump.
Seen on many expecting celebrities this year, they are a very popular option.
The Maternity Dot Bikini from Prego Maternity, in either brown or black, has an adjustable halter top and a beautiful rectangular design at the bust.
With matching polka dot top and bottoms it is a trendy option.
Whether lounging by the pool or swimming at the beach, bikinis are a comfortable and cute choice.
There are many different maternity swimwear designs available, each one unique in its own way.
When searching for that perfect swimsuit, choose one in which you feel comfortable, reflects your personal style, and flatters your figure.
The right swimsuit will make you look and feel your best!
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