Trimming Your Dog"s Toenails

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Dogs' toenails grow long quite fast.
If you hear clicking sounds from your dog's toenails when he walks on a hard surface, you know it is time to trim his toenails.
Most dogs would hate trimming nails so before you trim your dog's nails, make sure you follow these guidelines to make the trimming session become a pleasant time.
First of all, do not trim all toenails at once.
Trim one paw at a time and take a short break between them to play or give your dog a small treat.
If it is your first time trimming your dog's toenails, make sure you have a good observation of how it is done.
It is better if you go to your veterinarian or your groomer and ask them to show you how it is done.
Bad first time experience would take a lot more works and affords to train your dog later on.
Positive reinforcement always works, give your dog a treat or a big hugs or a healthy scratch at his favorite place.
You can try a nail grinder if your dog refuses a clipper.
A nail grinder might work.
Trim your dog's nails weekly.
One a week would be best.
This will help train the dog to get used to the routine and also keep them healthy and prevent issues such as broken nails.
After all, It does not matter how good you are at trimming dog's toenails, some dogs just do not like it.
If all tries fail, there is no shame in getting help from a professional groomer.
Professional groomers have experience in dealing with difficult dogs and they will know how to handle them.
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