Food and Acne - The Relationship

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When it comes to saying that food can cause or aggravate acne, many people refuse to believe such a concept.
They still stick with the idea that acne is caused by clogged pores and oily skin.
Now, this does cause acne but that's one of the last causes.
What started the chain reaction to lead to those clogged pores? Many teenagers get acne.
When I was a teen my mom always told me that I'd clear up after my hormones calmed down.
Now, when I became an adult my acne was still awful.
The reason is because of the way I ate.
Many foods actually can cause hormonal imbalances that are very high.
For example, milk is filled with hormones.
The milk is built so that it can get a calf to a full sized cow very fast.
A person eating this is going to have some effect.
Another awful food that can cause acne is vegetable oil.
It is filled with lots of unhealthy omega 6 fats that are very inflammatory and can lead to the production of more pro inflammatory hormones.
Seeing that many foods can cause hormonal imbalances that are more severe than the imbalances that occur during puberty, one can start to see the real cause of acne.
When you avoid these unhealthy foods your body should start going back to a more balanced and normal state.
Your hormones should become more balanced and regulated.
Another way is to balance your inflammatory foods with anti inflammatory foods.
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