Get Killer Bone Structure With Cheek and Chin Augmentation

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Plastic surgeons, photographers, and fine artists have known for years what the general public doesn't about facial beauty.
It's all about symmetry and balance, and most people simply are unaware of how the different features of the face effect one another.
For example, there are plenty of people who lament having a larger than average nose, making rhinoplasty one of the most common and popular cosmetic procedures; however, quite a few of these patients don't suffer from large noses but rather from small chins.
Many people can't quite put their finger on what it is that makes some people's faces more attractive and enticing than others.
Bone structure is the main underlying factor in determining a large portion of beauty.
Most facial cosmetic procedures, such as facial fillers and tightening surgeries, don't address the overall structure of the face at all.
This surgery can greatly enhance a person's bone structure.
Chin can be performed simultaneously with a rhinoplasty in order to achieve the best results, or it can be performed alone with the added bonus of minimizing the natural nose.
The surgery has few risks and a short recovery period, but the results can make a huge difference.
A chin lengthens the jaw line, which for men means increased masculinity.
Women can also benefit from the extra definition a chin implant can bring to the face.
A less common but equally as transforming procedure is cheek.
By adding volume to the mid-face and highlighting the bone structure, can enhance individual beauty as well as add youthfulness to faces of any age.
Cheek implants brighten up the entire face and can change a pleasant smile into a dazzling one.
Most people don't realize how central the cheekbones are to facial beauty.
In fact, there are many scientists and expert cosmetic surgeons that believe the cheeks are the key factor in determining attractiveness.
Although this type of surgery is a great option for some people, there is a bad side to these cosmetic procedures.
The primary concern involves having a foreign object (the implant) placed into the body.
Although largely safe (implant rejections are exceedingly rare), many people are still uncomfortable with the idea.
Another rare but possible risk is the shifting of implants, which isn't dangerous but will require a visit to the surgeon and might be slightly embarrassing.
With cheek, there is a risk of imbalance, but this can also be corrected with additional surgery.
So while eyelifts and rhinoplasty may reign supreme in terms of popularity, this method may be a better prescription for enhancing individual beauty.
There are few risks and as a bonus, even if you dislike the results the surgery is easily reversible.
Consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon about discussing your options.
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