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Generating traffic to a website should be the main goal of any webmaster looking to earning money online or not.
Just as a business without patronage is a website without traffic.
In fact, a website without traffic can be described as a waste of effort, time and possibly money.
Relax as I teach you how to put an end to your website inadequate traffic and from no sales to maximum sales.
Here are my traffic generating tips using money and without money.
Generating traffic using money If you have a budget for ads then this is for you.
Using Google AdWords campaign: This is so far the best technique in generating traffic into a website using money.
This is more effective if your ads are targeted very well.
With Google AdWords, you will increase not only your website traffic but also links building hence make you perform better on search engines.
Your ads are on a PPC( Pay Per Click) or PPM (Pay Per metric ) basis.
Google AdWords campaign also allow you to track your campaigns, hence you know where you ads performed better and vice versa allowing you to focus better on that area.
To maximize the benefits of Google AdWords, you have to: 1.
Target your niche very well 2.
Be highly selective with your keyword - Use Google keyword tool 3.
Optimize you website for conversion - you should learn how to optimize you site for conversions from your ads.
Make sure you have good and unique contents on your site before you start your campaign so that visitors will be become loyal customers Using Facebook Ads: t s no doubt that Facebook is the largest social networking site where people hangouts to chat with friends and have fun.
You can tap into Facebook enormous user base to promote and generate traffic to your site by advertising on Facebook.
You ads can be targeted in various ways ranging from geographical location to age, sex and even activities making you ads to appear in front of the desired people.
Buy ad banner from webmaster in you niche: This can be a magic traffic generator especially when done in the right way.
You should choose websites that have a better performance then yours and receiving a relatively large visits.
Contact the webmaster and then bargain prices, should be affordable though, lol.
Yahoo sponsored search: This also relate to Google AdWords search campaign but on a different platform.
Use relevant keyword so that when people search for you, yahoo will sponsor you bring you out of the multitudes making your potential customers see you first before you other competitors.
Generating traffic without spending money To generate traffic to your site without money requires hard work and time.
You have to work dedicatedly to achieve good results.
v Article marketing: Submit articles to articles directories such as EzineArticles, ArticleCity, ArticleBase, e.
You should also consider writing guest post for blogs relating ton your website theme.
Articles directories allows you to add your profile and of course your link.
Same in the case of guest posting.
To maximize your article marketing performance, you should; 1.
Write good and informative articles and not advertisements.
Writing useful articles will help you build credibility.
With this you really start bringing in the traffic.
v Forum posting: Forum posting is one of the best free marketing strategy on the web.
Forums, a.
a message boards allow users to share and discuss varieties of topics on a subject.
Some forums allow you to leave a signature at the end of your posts, so simply inserting your link will do the job.
Not only that, some forums are indexed by search engines so if your link if found by a spider this means a better reputation on such search engine.
However, to fully optimize the power of forum of posting, you have to post relevant posts that help others solve their problem.
Not to just walking and post you ads and leave.
This will bring in no traffic.
v Blog Commenting: You should as much as possible to comments on other blogs in your niche.
Leave your website link on such blogs, a good comment that add more taste to the topic from you serve a good role in directing visitors to your website.
v Email signature: Inserting a link to your email signature to every email you send out.
This should also help to boost your website hits.
v Using your social network profiles: Putting your link on your social profiles s another vital way of increasing site traffic.
When your friends and other visitors check your profile, they may likely visit your website v Submit to directories: This build links, search engine performance and hence boost traffic.
Submitting your site to directory relating to your site add more weight to your link and hence your PR.
v Social bookmarking: You should use social bookmarking tools.
You can quickly send out multiple bookmarks at once using onlinewire.
v Search engine optimization: The benefits of search engine optimization cannot be over emphasized.
That's where we will be stopping for now.
If you have got more ways to generate traffic to a site, feel free to share it with us.
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