Fire Sprinkler Safety

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    Commercial Use

    • Industrial fire sprinklers have existed for quite some time---beginning with the old New England textile mills popular in the 1800s, declares Today, advanced systems follow specific guidelines dependent upon business type and building usage.

    Home Use

    • Residential sprinkler installation is relatively simple and inexpensive. The USFA compares costs to new carpet installation or paving a driveway.


    • In 2006, the U.S. National Fire Protection Association reported 412,500 home fires--resulting in 2,620 deaths, 12, 925 injuries and $7 billion in damages. The USFA believes sprinklers would have prevented thousands of deaths and more than $100 million in property damage.


    • With the installation of fire sprinklers, homeowner's insurance rates typically lower by 5 to 15 percent. Homebuilders often negotiate lower building costs. Additionally, the elderly and disabled enjoy the added security.


    • Sprinklers release less gallons of water per minute than fire hoses. Other myths claim unreliability and simultaneous sprinkler head activation; however, each head is individually activated and research suggests a greater than 95 percent "fail-safe" system.

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