Tips On Effective Email Writing: Make Your Identity Clear

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When using emails to market a business, it is important to follow certain rules and proper etiquette. This is one way of showing how professional the sender is.

Sending e-mails that are carelessly written can do more damage than good for your business. Therefore, as a marketer, it is your responsibility to make sure that your e-mail marketing campaign is correctly executed.

Here are email marketing tips that focus on the importance of identifying yourself clearly:

Does it really matter whether you introduce yourself in your e-mail or not? Of course, it does! When you send a marketing e-mail to a prospective client, you want to gain their trust in your business. How can a customer trust you if he doesn't know who you are? Keep in mind that using a pseudonym or an alias can just raise doubts from your recipients. Thus, identifying yourself is very important when sending a business e-mail.

State your personal name, your occupation and the company you are representing. This way, the recipient will be at ease to know who is sending him the e-mail. Introducing yourself must be done right at the beginning of your e-mail to eliminate any doubts or confusion right away.

There's no need to make a long introduction about yourself. Make it short and precise then proceed to stating your purpose immediately. Why are you sending the e-mail? Make sure that this is clearly stated right from the first two sentences of your e-mail. Again, go straight to your point and your reason precisely.

Avoid using vague terms or company jargon that can be confusing to your reader. Use common terms that are easily understood by anyone regardless of what profession he has. Choose your words carefully so that your message can be clearly understood by your reader.

Always keep in mind that your recipient only has less than a minute to spend reading your e-mail. Using a bulleted list to highlight your points can be more convenient for your readers. This is not only done to keep your message short but it also allows your readers to just scan the message especially when they are busy or in a rush. Make sure that the most important details of your message are conveyed on the top most part of your message instead of saving it on the last part.

Do not use all caps to highlight your point. Capital letters can be seen as shouting or rudeness. If you want to emphasize certain words or sentences, you may use an asterisk before the word, or italicize the word.

Do not be tempted to use smileys in your business e-mail even if you find them adorable. Also, stick to standard font style and color instead of using very large fonts and bright colors. Although these elements may seem fun, they make your e-mail look unprofessional.

Finally, when you're done composing your message, make sure that you have taken the time to proofread it for possible typos or grammatical errors. Read your message twice before hitting that send button.

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