Jumbo Burger - What It Is And How To Make It

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This jumbo burger recipe makes a nice change from making individual burgers and you can serve one per table or one per group.
The following recipe contains Mexican flavorings, which will suit anyone who enjoys the typical flavors of Mexican food, and you can serve this at a fourth of July party or a similar event.
You do not have to use taco seasonings or Mexican topping ingredients but they do go well with the overall concept of this burger.
The tomatoes and lettuce add freshness, the olives, guacamole, and salsa add flavor and the Monterey Jack melting over the patties adds a luxurious touch.
The burger itself is made with ground beef, breadcrumbs, and onion, with taco seasoning powder to add a south of the border taste and an egg to bind the whole lot together.
Make the burger about eight inches across and ensure it is uniformly thick.
If the patty is too thin it will be too fragile and then it might break in half, especially if you are trying to flip it on the grill.
You will need an eight or nine inch round loaf of bread for this recipe.
If the loaf is too tall, you can slice it into three horizontal layers, keeping the center part for another use.
What You Need:
  • 1 1/2 lbs lean ground beef
  • 1 1/4 oz package taco seasoning mix
  • 1/4 cup dry breadcrumbs
  • 1/4 cup finely chopped onion
  • 8 inch round unsliced loaf
  • 1 lightly beaten egg
  • Shredded lettuce, chopped tomato or salsa, sliced black olives, 4 Monterey Jack cheese slices and guacamole, to serve
How To Make It: Preheat a charcoal grill until the coals are white or preheat a gas grill on medium.
Combine the ground beef with the taco seasoning, breadcrumbs, onion, and egg and shape the mixture into one big patty.
It should measure eight to nine inches across.
Put it on a baking sheet lined with waxed paper.
Cover it and chill for at least half an hour or until it is very cold.
This will help to hold it together.
Grill the patty, turning it once with a pair of metal spatulas if you need to, for about fourteen minutes or until it is 160 degrees F in the center.
Arrange the cheese on the patty and keep grilling it until the cheese melts.
Slice the loaf in half horizontally and put the patty on the bottom half.
Use the tomato, lettuce, guacamole, tomatoes or salsa and olives for garnish, and then put the top half of the bread on top.
You can skewer the jumbo burger for easier serving, using six skewers from top to bottom.
Slice the burger into six wedges like a pizza and serve immediately, perhaps with some fries or potato salad.
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