Tiffany Blue & Brown Wedding Themes

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    • You can have either all brown or all blue bridesmaid dresses, or you can have half in brown and half in blue, allowing the bridesmaids to choose which they would prefer. You can choose the same style or two different styles that have a similar cut if you are choosing dresses in both colors. You can also accent a solid-color dress with a waist tie in the other color. If you choose a chocolate brown dress, ask if a blue sash could be made to tie around the waist or make one yourself. This could be done with a blue dress and brown sash as well. The pop of color coordinates the attire with your color scheme.

      The groomsmen can wear solid blue or solid brown ties; give the men the choice between the two or choose the opposite color of the bridesmaid dresses. Men can also wear the Tiffany blue or brown in a handkerchief in their breast pocket, and women can wear a hat or hair clips accenting the color as well.


    • A simple way to incorporate your color scheme into your cake is by having the base color either brown or Tiffany blue. These colors are easiest to achieve if the exterior of your cake is covered in fondant. Accents of the other color can be added in the piping details, fondant ribbons or royal icing or gum paste flowers. If you prefer a traditional white or ivory wedding cake, choose a Tiffany blue cake topper and brown cake stand. If you decide to have cupcakes instead of a traditional cake, have chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting in a Tiffany blue cupcake wrapper.


    • Use brown chair covers with a blue sash tied in a bow at the back. The chair covers can be used during the ceremony for an outdoor wedding or during the reception. If you are having a church ceremony, create pew bows in each color. Alternate colors on every other pew. Table linens can be one solid color; choose the opposite of your chair covers, or a solid linen with a different-color runner on top.

      Flowers can be difficult to find in Tiffany blue and brown, so if you want floral decorations you may have to choose artificial flowers in those colors or find a lighter shade of blue flowers and a dark ivory. Candle centerpieces may be a solution if you do not want to use artificial flowers or want exact color matches. Arrange different sizes of candles on a silver tray or in a shallow glass dish.


    • You have a lot of choice in how you incorporate your color scheme into your invitations. A simple option is to have a solid-color invitation with the opposite color for the response envelope. You could choose to incorporate both colors into the invitation, such as a Tiffany blue invitation with brown font and a brown ribbon. If you are worried about your guests having difficulty reading your invitation in those colors, choose a bold, clear font or choose to use your color scheme only as accents on your invitations. Choose ivory paper and use a deep brown font. Attach Tiffany blue and brown ribbon to the invitations or use those colors in the monogram or decals.

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