How to Install a Concrete Septic Tank Filter

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    • 1). Hire a reputable septic tank cleaning company to remove all wastewater and organic material from your septic tank.

    • 2). Remove the manhole cover located over the tank's outlet.

    • 3). Locate the outlet baffle. If the outlet baffle is covering the outlet pipe, remove the baffle.

    • 4). Position the filter housing so that it is underneath the manhole cover and in line with the outlet pipe. If the outlet pipe does not reach all the way to the filter, you will need to add a short section of pipe. Removal and cleaning of the filter necessitates that it be in a completely accessible location.

    • 5). Clean both the outlet pipe and the filter housing with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) primer.

    • 6). Coat both the outlet pipe and the filter housing with PVC cement and press them together. Twist the housing ¼-inch until it is level, and then hold it for 30 seconds.

    • 7). Place the filter element into the housing, firmly pushing it until it is seated.

    • 8). Measure the space between the top of the filter and the bottom of the manhole cover.

    • 9). Cut the handle extension included with the filter to this dimension with a PVC saw. The handle extension allows the filter to be accessed for maintenance from the ground level.

    • 10

      Clean the handle extension and the handle extension receptacle with PVC primer.

    • 11

      Coat both the extension and the receptacle with PVC cement.

    • 12

      Firmly insert the PVC pipe into the handle extension receptacle until it is seated. Twist the extension ¼ inch, and then hold it in place for 30 seconds.

    • 13

      Replace the manhole cover.

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