Garage Door Window Options

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    • Garage door windows easily add a decorative element to any house image by yong hong from

      Garage door windows take away the industrial look of a simple garage door and add a unique style. They are a great way to bring in exterior lighting, as well as add a distinctive and decorative touch. They are often placed higher than a person can reach and thus rarely function like a regular window, only used as part of the decor. There are several styles of garage door windows, in a variety of shapes and sizes along with intricate glass options.


    • This window is one of the most common garage door windows. It is cut and rounded in a way that forms the outline of a cathedral, typical square bottom and domed top. This window is one of the more stylish designs and adds antique elegance to any garage door.

      There are two types of cathedral windows. The first is composed of smaller panes with short cathedrals in each panel. Generally, four of these panels will fit across the width of a typical garage door. The second is a stretched cathedral outline that will cover either an entire panel or the entire front of the garage door, depending on the home owner's choice.


    • The colonial window is the most easily recognizable because of its simplicity. It can have a contemporary style or can be more antique looking. It is the typical square or rectangular window with two bars going across the center both horizontally and vertically. It can be installed in pairs across each door panel or in threes across the door.


    • Sunset windows are composed of several pieces of glass in semi-circular forms placed at different angles on the door. They form a hemisphere across the top part of the garage door. They are generally installed into the two separate panels that form a garage door. The way the glass is designed and cut makes it look like an image of the sun setting on the horizon and each panel forms half the sunset. This type of window adds a decorative and elegance.

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